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Competition Rings in Water announced the winners

Zuzana Strešnáková

Competition Rings in Water announced the winnersThe 10th year of competition Rings in water has again supported the presentation of new designer´s products inspired by traditional craft. This Anniversary year was special for its international character. It was open to individuals as well as collectives not only from around Slovakia, but also from Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic. The award ceremony and the opening of the exhibition took place on October 18 in ÚĽUV Gallery in Bratislava. The award winning craftsmen this year were: Michaela Bednárová (SK) for her clothes design collection VILLAGE (DEDINA), Blažena Ostrovská Sokolovská (SK) for her picnic table mats PICNIC (PIKNIK), both in the category: designers, architects and other creators, Simona Janišová (SK) and her jar FULLAK (in the category: producers) and Eliška Krahulcová with her series of objects for collecting, drying and storing herbs MATILDA (in the category: Students´work).


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