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Charm of Straw Christmas by Emília Mazáčová

Tomáš Mikolaj

Charm of Straw Christmas by Emília MazáčováEmília Mazáčová started to work with straw in 1975 when the art collective Detva, in the village of Malé Leváre, started a production of small souvenirs and decorative objects from straw. She gradually became familiar with the entire process of working with rye straw which happens to be the most suitable for making straw decorations. She has been cooperating with ÚĽUV since 1986, and she now masters all techniques of straw production from entire straw legnth to ironed out straw pieces. She makes all types of decorations and her collection of wheels with textile fillings and a straw design on both sides, as well as her angel made of straight straw stalks are very well known. In 2008 she was awarded the Master of Folk Art Production award in straw craft.


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