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What actually is the Purpose of a Chair?

Branislav Jelenčík

What actually is the Purpose of a Chair?The reply to this question is proposed by the author who works at the Department of Architecture of Slovak Technical University in Bratislava. He has dedicated his research to the history of the chair from its origins to today, but also deals with other furniture made for sitting. In his article he tries to drive our attention not only to the visual beauty of the chair but also to the characteristics that make a chair a comfortable seat. Eventhough in Slovakia there have been several pretty chairs made, we haven´t given the world an icon in this field. In the contemporary artwork of the designers we can find design solitaires, exhibition concepts, competition pieces but also mass-produced chairs. There are not many local producers, but future offers unlimited options according to the wishes of a particular customer – regarding their own taste for shapes, materials, colors or individual ergonomic demands and requests.


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