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The Work of Michal Hanula

Peter Šugár

The Work of Michal HanulaMichal Hanula is a sucessful designer and a teacher at the Secondary School of Applied Arts (ŠUV) in Ružomberok. He creates his own art in a small production. He creates unique objects designed in a small workshop by himself or with the help of team of his co-workers. The significant part of his work is furniture for sitting which he produces either as a part of private orders or as a theme for visual art symposiums. From the technical, construction and visual point of view, his designs are always very well thought-out, and every detail carries an original approach. Some of examples of his work are: armchairs Hoj-da and Klepec which were produced using wire. He also created a collection Animal where he uses parts of wooden branches or a series of stools Vemienka that were made of plywood.


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