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The System Artwork in the Furniture Design

Štefan Schneider

The System Artwork in the Furniture DesignDesign is an ever-present part of our everyday life. It is a strategic business article and a synonym for today’s culture and the civilisation of consumer society.The designer is creating new shapes that he has to transform into material, construction and technologically realisable concept of a final product made for everyday use. The aim of this creative process is the fulfilling of objective and subjective requirements for a valuable design. Creation and production is a process of various interconnected relations and a systematic approach, or a systematic way of thinking and is closely united with the abilities of the designer. If a designer wants to be successful, he must try hard, use his imagination as well as logical thinking which together with his originality can represent an ideal and successful project. One of the parts of a product as a whole is a design of construction detail respecting the material that was used as well as the technology. The alternating of a design and of a construction detail enables the artist to innovate individual parts of a product any time during the process of production according to the changing requirements of the market. And that is the practical solution to the designer´s problem – by the application of a method of systematic creation in design of furniture in practice.


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