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The second Life of Armchairs

Michaela Škodová

The second Life of ArmchairsRestoration is a specific art regarding work on cultural heritage or collection objects with the goal of the preservation of their artisic, aesthetic and cultural value. Eventhough a restorator is not creating a new art piece, his work is that of an artist with an individual signature, bearing in mind the autenticity of the restored object.
As a part of the project restoration of furniture for sitting from the collection of the Museum of Novohrad in the gallery of Lučenec the museum had the intention to preserve a unique cultural heritage from the second half of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th. The goal of the project was to return the authenticity, aesthetic value, andto continue with the previous successful projects of restoration of historical furniture, and at the same time to present the living standards and taste of a local burgher households in the given period.


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