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Once Upon a Time There Was molo

Ema Stoličná

Once Upon a Time There Was moloThe story of the brand molo and their iconic paper furniture dates back to 1994 when two architects, designers and artists Stephanie Forsyth and Todd MacAllen started to work together. Back then they were considered mainly architects and space designers and their apartment buildings and smaller projects have been awarded several internationally acclaimed awards. It was their talent and sucess that eventually led to founding molo in 2003 which since then grew to become a well established and prosperuos studio of young talents and a team of experts. Together they produce a unique sitting furniture called softseating awarded a number of awards. Objects from the soft collection are created from several layers of special mixture of new and recycled paper. The flexibility and modularity were a key factors for these products. Inspite of the fact that it is paper, individual parts from the collection soft are designed for a long-term use.


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