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New Craftsmen: Bring Back the Soul of Wood

Tomáš Mikolaj

New Craftsmen: Bring Back the Soul of WoodJozef Svoreň is a nephew of a famous fujara, a six-hole pipe and a cross wooden flute maker from Podpoľanie region named Peter Paciga. He´d learned his craft from his uncle. To this day he dedicates himself to the production of musical instruments – pipes, fujaras, while using traditional methods of decoration using nitric acid – a technique typical for Podpoľanie. He draws the ornaments by hand without templates,and the motifs he uses are lined and organised in a free style, too. Each wood is different and having this in mind he adjusts the proportions of ornamenting. He says that for an instrument its sound is fundamental. He was awarded the title of a Master of Folk Art Production in 2017 for his work in the field of making musical instruments.


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