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Ergonomics in the Main Role

Veronika Kotradyová

Ergonomics in the Main RoleSitting is a natural relaxing position after a physical activity. But it is also a position where one has free hands and can thus do various manual works such as cleaning fruit or doing crafts. That´s why the development of human knowledge brought along various improvements to sitting furniture. During the last century personalities such as a Norwegian designer Peter Opsvik or an ergonomist Alexandre Mandal, Étienne Grandjean and others influenced the ergonomics of sitting furniture. In the second half of the 20th century the development led not only to technical and shape innovations but also worked its way toward the better ergonomics of sitting, and searching for better alternatives. The reason for this was the constantly growing “sitting culture”. In Slovakia, too, some interesting shapes and functions have developed in the production of furniture while the comfort was one of the most important characteristics bearing in mind that sitting should be comfortable but also healthy.


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