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An Emotional Dimension to an Interior

Mária Pospíšilová

An Emotional Dimension to an InteriorObjects of everyday use, including furniture, have been present in the life of people from the morning till evening. Individual furniture pieces are communicating with people during their use in a visual as well as emotional way – they recall emotions. The design of furniture informs us about the material and intellectual qualities of a society.
Furniture, that has been a silent companion to people, has undergone various changes or transformations. Eventhough the main criteria remain its functionality, we choose it according to our affiliation with the emphasis on its aesthetic value according to our own taste and personal preferences. Today we are fortunate to be able to choose from a great variety and assortment, and we choose such objects which attract our attention, which recall positive emotions. According to this use of products emotions may as a result of various circumstance change from positive to negative and the other way around. They can even become more intense if we develop stronger relations with the objects. There is a growing number of people who are searching for furniture that apart from its functionality offers also a possibility of being re-created by its owner. Some people may prefer furniture as an object in the place of an artpiece – they don´t need to use it, only have it at home to be able to observe and enjoy its shapes and design.


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