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Traditional costume and its use in contemporary fashion

Kristýna Petríčková

Traditional costume and its use in contemporary fashionEach year eighty billion pieces of new clothes are being used around the world. The textile industry is listed among the biggest industries causing pollution of drinkable water and abuse of pesticides. The fashion industry is searching for solutions to mass use and over production. The answer might lay in inspiration created by the traditional techniques used in making folklore costumes. If we wish to discover the values of this field of human culture, we should try to approach the way of thinking of old generations as well as their way of relating their existence with the environment they were born into. Young designers from the Textile Design and the Product Design Department at the University of Tomáš Baťa in Zlín work on the topic of traditional costume and its transformation into fashionable clothes. They examine the message of old values within it and their intergenerational exchange in a wider social context.


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