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Revived metal thread embroidery

Karina Rothenstein Kolčáková

Revived metal thread embroideryThe Academy of Visual Arts in Bratislava (VŠVU) has become a platform for reviving and innovating traditional techniques thanks to Eva Cisárová Mináriková - a textile designer and teacher. An important milestone was the founding of department of the restoring of historical textiles in 1997. Students can now discover traditional techniques not only theoretically but also in a practice and their works, under the supervision of E. Cisárová Mináriková, are an expression of their passion for old techniques. Since 2009 Blanka Cepková supervises the course, and the name of the department changed to Textile Artworks in Space Department and there are new subjects to be studied in the field of digital technologies. The fascination with the past is still there but it acquires new possibilities brought by the 21st century - combining hand and digital technologies.


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