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Painted Easter eggs by Margita Šimková

Tomáš Mikolaj

Painted Easter eggs by Margita ŠimkováMária Ďurinová - the last of Čauša Easter egg painter died last year. She had taught many women her elaborated designs and patterns typical for Velká and Malá Čausa – two villages in Prievidza region. One of the first and the best among them was Gabriela Dobrotková, the mother of Margita Šimková who each year before Easter holidays brought her impressive eggs to ÚĽUV - her beautiful batik and wax decorated pieces. And even though she thought she´d hate the craft for the rest of her life since from childhood she was forced to help while making eggs, in the end she became fond of this art and it eventually became her hobby as well as the source of her income. Along with the batik and wax decorations, she also makes perforated eggs and eggs decorated with hay. In 2004 she, along with five other Easter egg makers, was awarded the title of Craftswomen of folklore art work.


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