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New craftsmen: fascinated by the hooked needle

Mária Mizeráková

New craftsmen: fascinated by the hooked needleAt first sight it might seem that embroidery with a hooked needle is simple but if you try it yourself, you will soon find out it´s not quite true. Anna Kováčová fell in love with this technique in an instant when she saw the work of Veronika Golianová from Detva. It took her half an hour to learn how it´s done. But even though the basic technique was not so difficult, she only gained the knack of the craft later with time and practice. Looking at her work today it´s hard to believe it was not done by a machine and that a human hand actually made those ornaments. There´s no doubt she well deserves her title of craftswoman that she´s been awarded with for her contribution to arts, and exceptional results in decorating objects of common use with the hooked needle, a characteristic craft of the Detva region.


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