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Interview: Fruitful year 2017

Zuzana Strešňáková

Interview: Fruitful year 2017Mgr. Dana Kľučárová PhD. has been in the position of general manager of ÚĽUV for five years now and she manages to run all the core activities of the organization very well. Currently on her maternity leave with her third daughter Johanka, she is still very aware of everything that´s going on in her work. It is her hobby and she says she´s been very lucky since all her family share this hobby with her. In her article she evaluates important events in ÚĽUV in 2017 such as placing wirework on the Representative list of Slovak immaterial cultural heritage, or activating of wicker workers, researching the history of ÚĽUV from its founding till today, and very importantly highlighting the participation of the organization in the preparation process of a concept of cultural and creative industry in Slovakia. Read more and find out some interesting information.


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