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From the restoration workshop

Sylvia Birkušová

From the restoration workshopStudents of the Textile Restoration Department at the Academy of Visual Arts in Bratislava (VŠVU) had a chance to come across with a number of archive collection objects that were decorated by metal threads. While restoring they can admire historic sacral and folklore textiles such as standards, clothes, and textile home accessories. During their studies, apart from restoring skills and general knowledge, students must become familiar with historical techniques and technologies. One of the subjects they must graduate in is the technological copying of historic textiles or fragments. While picking up an object they cooperate closely with the curator of textile collections of different museums and they visit their deposits, where they can examine objects thoroughly or they work with high resolution photographs of foreign collections. While making a copy they learn to draw the pattern, prepare the material and the creation itself. The copies of these embroideries are accessible to public when exhibited during the final presentation of the VŠVU students works.


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