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Embroidery from Čataj – research

Libuša Jaďuďová

Embroidery from Čataj – researchIn the documentation archive of Museum of Folklore Crafts in Stupava, there is a research report written by Anna Ralbovská in 1968 entitled: Embroidery in Gold on Carton. The technique is named after the material that was used – a golden or silver thread and a hard paper / carton. The report informs us about the technique, about the clothing parts that used to be decorated by this technique, about the technology, and its application too. Clothes decorated by this particular embroidery technique were never washed because the carton paper would be destroyed. So, if for instance a sleeve got dirty, the decoration would be cut out and sawn again on a new sleeve. Attached to the report are also valuable photographs depicting the instructions, final clothing parts such as calash, sleeves, neckband and sketches of tools and of embroidery designs.


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