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Woolen yarn embroidery from southern Hungary

Anna Illésová

Woolen yarn embroidery from southern HungaryIn traditional Hungarian rural culture, embroidering handicraft textiles with woolen yarn emerged because of intense keeping sheep. A significant group of woollen yarn embroideries comes from southern regions of Hungary. There are two main types: embroidery following patterns drawn in advance, and counted-thread embroidery. The embroidery was used for decorating cushion edges and ornamental towels that were displayed in so-called predná izba – predominantly representative space in house. Today, the embroideries are used as inspiration by folk artists. Old motifs are being revived in home textiles, as well as in clothing. In harmony with new and altered purposes of decoration, the composition of motifs, too, is being changed. However, yarn, motifs and stitches remain the same. The wealth of motifs of woollen yarn embroidery from southern Hungary, vested in museum collections, literature or in private collections, is gladly used also by embroiderers from other parts of Hungary.


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