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Production from wool and ÚĽUV

Eva Šipöczová

Production from wool and ÚĽUVThis year, Museum of Folk Art Production in Stupava initiated an investigation of arts and crafts production from wool, in order to summarise how it emerged, developed and changed in time under the auspices of ÚĽUV. In our new, modernist society, a number of traditional products have lost their function. As a result, they are no longer in demand as much as they used to be. For this reason, ÚĽUV’s headquarters put emphases on producing assortment that would attract modern-day consumers. Here, male and female designers and producers proper play an important role as they create products that meet the needs of modern times and, equally, emanate authenticity of folk art and quality characteristic for handicraft. In the case of production from wool, the research is concerned mainly with the following products and activities: home textiles and fashionable clothing, making use of traditional textile techniques to produce clothing articles, an inspiration taken from cuts, patterns, ornaments and decorative techniques. After 1989, an interest among the general public in home textiles decreased, being shifted to attractive knitted clothing accessories. Currently, there are nineteen male and female producers working with wool.


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