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Painted into wool

Editorial team

Painted into woolProducts of artist Angelika Vaneková of Tvrdošovce in the district of Nové Zámky are inventive, all colours flowing and being in harmony, just like they do on a painter’s canvas. At the same time, shawls, handbags or brooches feel gentle and feminine. Perhaps it is thanks to the fact that the artist started using wool in her artistic pursuits as a mature woman, when becoming mother. The idea to try their hand at felt came, actually, from her friends, and so they worked on in together. Later on, she completed a felting course offered by ÚĽUV, devoting more and more time to wool. It is true that at first there were faulty pieces; nonetheless, she finds it an inevitable part of development and improvement, saying, “Each faulty piece is a small step toward a high-quality product.” Having started her felt production as a sole trader, she finally found the courage to offer her creations at fairs. Since 2012 she has cooperated with ÚĽUV.


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