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Old furriers would be proud of them

Tomáš Mikolaj

Old furriers would be proud of themAs Lukáš Jurča of Hriňová in the district of Detva was captured by fur coats produced by old master furriers, he decided to follow suit and gain experience during field research, through interviewing old masters of the Podpoľanie and Novohrad regions. He was lucky enough as, in addition to their reminiscences, many of the old masters shared with him the secrets of their craft in relation to fur coat production. Filled with awe, he now considers these masters his teachers. As a result, his work is intertwined with their messages as he strives to use the most original technology. Working with sheepskin and wool (rúno) brought him to Jozef Kučera who, in addition to other activities in the Hriňová hillside hamlet of Štoliansko, keeps sheep and processes their skin and wool. They both share the love of the most traditional forms of life in the Podpoľanie region.


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