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Knowing the art of success

Petra Kolláriková

Knowing the art of successBy founding a weaving family workshop in Strmilov in 1870, František Kubák followed a long-lasting tradition in processing wool within a local weavers’ guild. In his workshop, wool, cotton and linen were woven. After all property falling under state ownership in 1948, the production slowed down but, in 1955, the workshop became part of ÚLUV (ÚĽUV’s counterpart in the Czech part of former Czechoslovakia), being led by another family member, Ferdinand Kubák junior. Under ÚLUV’s auspices, the workshop prospered for several decades, producing upholstery and home textiles that were in demand at home and abroad alike. In 1992, thanks to restitutions, it was returned to the Kubáks. Still in the family ownership, it is now under leadership of the fifth generation, with Filip Kubák following in the family footsteps. At the moment, the company specialises in the production of designer home textiles, such as tablecloths or bedspreads, woollen blankets being the most wanted articles. The company uses only purely natural materials, namely sheep wool, cotton and linen. As a bonus, it offers services connected to processing wool. In the article, we talk in detail about their art of success.


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