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Kapce (boots) from Lendak

Zuzana Kolcunová

Kapce (boots) from LendakWithin fieldwork organised by ÚĽUV in 2017, the authoress of this article researched contemporary production of felt footwear – kapce from Lendak in the district of Kežmarok. Even today, Lendak’s inhabitants wear for church folk costumes, complemented, in the case of women, by this type of footwear. There are two variants of kapce: natural-wool-colour felt was used for everyday use, and black felt was used for mourning. However, the production is the same as both types are being made on a wooden form – a shoe last, while there is no difference between the right leg and the left leg. Each kapec consists of two parts, and the bottom part (the sole) is made of three layers so that it is strong. The respective parts are sewn together on the shoe last, and then, with the use of a master shape, an opening for the foot is cut, through which kapec is finally pulled off the shoe last. This type of footwear used to be once decorated with woollen embroidery and woollen tassels. Today, mostly acrylic yarn is used, and woollen felt is being replaced by synthetic felt as such footwear is more economical and therefore affordable. However, technology and tools in relation to making kapce have changed very little.


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