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Investigation of woollen embroidery in Slovakia

Libuša Jaďuďová

Investigation of woollen embroidery in SlovakiaThe Investigation of Woollen Embroidery in Slovakia report of 1973, by ÚĽUV’s specialist Anna Chalupová, introduces regions where woollen embroidery was common across Slovakia, and further describes the usage, colour scheme, techniques and ornaments of such embroidery. We thus learn that woollen embroidery was not common only across Záhorie (west of the Trnava region), in north-western part of Kysuce (west of Čadca and Žilina), at Orava (north of Dolný Kubín) and in southern Slovakia. Two types of woollen yarn were used: machine-produced yarn, so-called berlínka; and multi-thread yarn, called haras. To a lesser extent, embroidery yarn from sheep wool, that folks would produce at home, was used, too. There are also photographs of traditional clothing articles embroidered with wool, as well as fragments of clothing embroidered with wool. At the end of the appendix there are pictures of stitches used when embroidering with woolen yarn.


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