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Ema Stoličná

Hand-knittedLarge-size blankets from extremely thick yarn that are only hand-knitted (with no use of knitting needles at all), are at the moment very popular. This hit’s author is a Ukrainian artist, Anna Marinenko, who came up with this non-traditional knitting technique in 2015. An enormous interest, among the general public, in her blankets or shawls from extremely thick merino wool created demand for workforce that, eventually, led to the foundation of her design studio, Ohhio, today a renowned establishment. Moreover, her team developed their own knitting fibre, Ohhio Braid, a synthetic mixture exhibiting even better qualities than merino wool. At the moment, the studio boasts two prestigious prizes for design, Red Dot Award, an international prize for product and communication design: first for fibre, and second for a cat bed made from this material.


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