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A new look at textile creation

Zuzana Strešnáková

A new look at textile creationTextile Art of Today is a triennial international exhibition of contemporary textile art and its latest trends. Its aim is to select and present in the V4 countries innovative works that lie on the interface of textile and digital technology or fine arts. Therefore, organizers are expecting works connected with modern technologies such as mobile applications from the forthcoming fifth year. But also works that experiment with the scents, light and shadow, kinetics, and works that respond to the current themes of the global world. Of course, the classic textile tapestry also has its place here. The exhibition will welcome textile installations, objects, videos, works of sculpture or jewelery. The fifth annual tour of V4 will be opened on September 7, 2018 at the Danubian Meulensteen Art Museum in Bratislava.


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