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Preservation research into dolls wearing folk costumes

Mária Mizeráková

Preservation research into dolls wearing folk costumesA need to document, in a professional manner, production of dolls wearing folk costumes made typically by the Master of Folk Art Production Hedviga Juračková of Bratislava arose from the fact that there is no one else active in this area. The Master has been creating dolls wearing folk costumes for ÚĽUV since 1971. The first phase or this research investigates available written resources, and continues with a series of interviews with Hedviga Juračková. Finally, the researcher will present an analysis of used materials and documents the technology, offering, as a bonus, a demonstration of this technique. This on-going investigation will culminate in a written research report, enriched by photo documentation and a video. In this way, this form of art will be introduced to new parties interested in keeping it alive.


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