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As Infinity came into being

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As Infinity came into beingHow does a designer make a toy? We shall demonstrate this through a building blocks set called Nekonečno (Infinity) invented by Slovak designer Klára Krnáčová, a graduate in 3D design from Tomas Bata University in Zlín. Having started with theory and continued with the study of psychological and physical development of a child, she finally ended up with legislation safety requirements that each toy must meet. The regulations list suitable and unsuitable mechanical properties of a toy, set requirements in relation to fire resistance, determine a legally permitted content of certain chemical substances, specify requirements for graphical marking of the toy and so on. Once Klára Krnáčová mastered the theory, she proceeded to her production phase. “The journey of my building blocks set was paved by many activities, including a great number of e-mail messages and phone conversations with suppliers of materials that I chose, as well as long hours working in 3D programmes. I have been sweating a lot in my workshop; surrounded by wood dust I had to use a milling machine, as well as tackle many technical calculations and sleepless nights...” the designer reminisces with a smile. She used beech plywood and a thin foam material called EVA, producing segments in the shape of elongated sponge fingers and connecting them with so-called “štoplíky” (oblong elements). With this toy, it is possible to create almost unlimited combinations, building virtually anything a child can think of. Such creations are by no means passive – car wheels turn, a tractor can be given a trailer to carry little figurines...


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