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A family affair

Andrej Jaroš

A family affairIn an interview with Peter Hudák of Chorvátsky Grob in the district of Senec, the founder of a production concept of wooden building blocks for children, MoyToy, we talked about pros and cons of enterprise in the area of toy production. His company was founded in the nineties of the 20th century. Here, he combined teaching experience of his father with his own rich experience as a teacher of physics, a teacher of a primary school subject to develop workshop skills, and as a leader of a 3D modelling club. “Building blocks for children must be extremely flexible; from one set it should be possible to create twenty to forty variations. In this way, a child is motivated to build and rebuild, starting to play with one toy and, in the process and when the need arises, change the toys’s function more than once. Thanks to this, the desirable skills of a child are being developed naturally and the little boy or girl becomes a bright, skilful and confident individual,” Peter Hudák proudly introduces the benefits of building blocks for children, Mesto, Malá rodina, Lode (City, Small Family, Boats) and Hasiči – záchranári (Firemen – Rescuers).


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