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Wire craft in the Museum of Folk Art Production

Libuša Jaďuďová

Wire craft in the Museum of Folk Art ProductionThe author introduces a research report, An Investigation of Folk Art Metal Products, written by Ján Okrucký of ÚĽUV (The Centre for Folk Art Production), dating back to 1961 – 1962. According to the report, such products were made of iron, copper, brass or aluminum wire, featuring various diameters. The assortment comprised household items, such as wall stands for spoons, pot covers or mousetraps. For more posh or luxurious products, mainly silver plated wire was used. Enclosed are also exclusive pictures of wire products that found their home in the collections of the Museum of Folk Art Production (MĽUV) in Stupava. During the second half of the 20th century, two original objects from Jakub Šerík of Dlhé Pole were acquired by the museum. Another collection of objects in the museum comprises items acquired by curatorial staff after 2008. A special museum collection consists of artefacts originating in a design competition Rings in Water that has been organised by ÚĽUV since 2000.


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