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Jozef Zoller: Dodko Drôtik (Little Wire) becoming master

Dominika Žažová

Jozef Zoller: Dodko Drôtik (Little Wire) becoming masterLearning the art of embroidery from his mother, Jozef Zoller showed talent and manual dexterity from an early age. Later on, he became interested in the production of both decorative and everyday wire objects. Self-taught, he fine-tuned his skills through further work and, without hesitation, joined a newly created Workshop of Wire Art and Applied Wire Art that was part of Drôtovňa Hlohovec, Slovakia’s wireworks company. He stayed there until its closure in 2000. Two years later, he became an independent, licenced craftsman, launching cooperation with ÚĽUV. In 2016, Dodko Drôtik (as nicknamed and known to everyone) was awarded the title of Master of Folk Art Production for working in wire.


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