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From thread to wire

Bronislava Šajgalíková Búciová

From thread to wireBlažena Kriváková of Žiar nad Hronom started with needle lace techniques and ended up with wire art, that became her real passion. Her early works comprise Easter eggs and jugs covered with wire. Later on, she tried her hand at wire jewellery. She was attracted to wire not only because of its flexibility but because she could also “draw” with wire in space. In particular, she enjoys making wire jewellery where she can show and fully develop her artistic potential. She uses silver, silver plated wire and, to a greater extent, stainless steel wire. The artist has so far participated in a number of exhibitions throughout Slovakia as well as abroad, in countries like Germany, Italy, Poland and the Czech Republic. Since 2004, she has been passing her skills to interested parties through specialised courses. Her works are on display in several museums across Slovakia and the Czech Republic.


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