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Dreaming of Drotária map

Dušan Mikolaj

Dreaming of Drotária mapThe lands from which wire craft masters come from, Drotária, is defined as a new tourism region situated in the triangle between Bytča, Turzovka and Žilina. It is possible to get to know various villages throughout this region and its landscape on the bike. One can choose a starting point, say, in Turzovka and, after some forty kilometres, return therein. Karol Guleja, who contributed significantly to keeping wire craft alive, dreamed that Drotária be put on the map, inspiring visitors to see various points of interest where they could stop and find out about the essence of wire craft and how it could be relevant and meaningful also today. For this reason, he was extremely pleased when, in 2004, the then director of the Považie Museum in Žilina, Marián Mrva, introduced a tourism map of Drotária to the general public.


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