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Symbols of the Easter

Rastislava Stoličná

Symbols of the EasterTraditional symbols of Spring are eggs, water, fire and greenery. In the past, the folks believed in their magical powers. These symbols were supposed to guarantee a successful new year in terms of harvest, health of the folks and the domestic animals, as well as to protect everyone against evil, and please deceased ancestors. The egg was a symbol of Nature’s rebirth and eternal continuity of Life. Hard-boiled eggs or dishes prepared from eggs ought to be on the table during Easter Sunday. On Easter Monday, girls would give boys such eggs as a reward for being whipped or splashed with water. Eggs, just like ham, sausages, cakes, cheese and other food were consecrated in church on Easter Eve or in the morning on Easter Sunday, their ceremonial powers being, in this way, amplified. Girls would present their prospective boyfriends with decorated eggs (Easter eggs) as a promise of a future wedding. Today, the original meaning of traditional Easter customs are somewhat forgotten. Despite this, however, many are still being practised throughout Slovakia, the Easter being a living tradition across villages and towns alike.


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