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Research into engraved Easter eggs

Libuša Jaďuďová

Research into engraved Easter eggsWe decided to introduce to our readers a research report entitled Engraved Easter Eggs in Slovakia that had been compiled in 1988 by Hana Ondrušová-Kotulová, a researcher working for ÚĽUV between 1982 and 1994. Having concentrated on characteristics of ornaments and on the process of decorating, she was predominantly interested in Easter eggs’ decor and its elements. She studied the widespread use of this decorative technique and an interest in production among individuals who followed the needs of ÚĽUV. She found out that a direct contact with producers is extremely important. Moreover, in her report she published a list of female and male producers whose Easter eggs are the closest match to the production standards as perceived by ÚĽUV. As a bonus, her research report comprises a separate appendix with pictures – so to speak a sampler of ornaments, drawings black and white photographs of Easter eggs or instruments used for their decoration.


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