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Passion for collecting

Zuzana Strešnáková

Passion for collectingWe visited Prof. RNDr. Jozef Grusko of Bratislava to find out more about his passion for collecting: for more than forty years he has collected around one thousand Easter eggs, coming from twenty countries. He mostly values those that clearly convey manual dexterity of their producers and are very elaborate, such as Easter eggs decorated with metal elements, wire, various materials with the help of glue, as well as engraved Easter eggs. He considers the most famous artifacts in his collection to be sets of Easter eggs devoted to a certain theme. He is especially interested in larger eggs, for example those of an ostrich where the Easter egg decorators are given a much larger area to work with. Such decoration is demanding not only because of the larger area to cover, but because of the egg’s weight as well. The collector appreciates ÚĽUV’s activities that have contributed to increasing artistic values of Easter eggs. When it comes to Easter eggs’ presentation, he finds it crucial to introduce the decorated eggs as works of art in an aesthetically pleasing environment. Moreover, he believes that decorating Easter eggs should be perceived as art rather than production.


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