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Our fascination with Easter eggs

Sylvia Derňárová

Our fascination with Easter eggsWe visited the Valters, who live and work in Bratislava, to find out how a household looks like when both spouses engage in decorating Easter eggs. Using various techniques, Anna started decorating Easter eggs as early as the nineties of the 20th century. At first it was just her hobby, but thanks to her manual dexterity she soon started to cooperate with ÚĽUV. Eventually, it was wire art that she fell for. In 2004, she was awarded the title of Master of Folk Art Production in decorating Easter eggs with wire. A few years ago, her work inspired Ján who, too, tried his hand at decorating Easter eggs in addition to paintings, drawings and prints that are his areas of expertise. He was captured by working with wire, although, as far as decorating Easter eggs is concerned, he eventually experimented mainly with tin. Even if, in his role of electrician, he had already worked with tin, he nonetheless had to learn about it from an artistic point of view, exploring its qualities and behaviour.


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