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On the topic of perforation

Editorial team

On the topic of perforationEaster eggs decorated by perforation were in our cultural milieu known also in the past. However, it was not until the last two decades that they started enjoying an unprecedented popularity. They increasingly attract customers, and there are more and more producers engaging in decorating Easter eggs by this technique. Originally serving as custom or ritual objects, they have now become small works of art, many being used as souvenirs. However, traditional decoration has been evolving, following the tastes of its producers and customers alike. A certain role in this process plays an availability of tools for this particular technique – electric milling machines and small drills. Can contemporary Easter eggs decorated by perforation find their place among Easter eggs produced by traditional techniques? Is it acceptable that original patterns are rather scarce when it comes to this technique and that there are new and varied patterns coming into play? We asked specialists in traditional crafts and craft producers, i.e. the most competent in this respect, what they feel about the aforementioned issues.


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