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Master Mária Čobrdová: Lace fantasy

Mária Mizeráková

Master Mária Čobrdová: Lace fantasyBobbins, pillows and pins are essential tools for bobbin lace. Mária Čobrdová, a hardworking and inspirational artist, has been using them on a daily basis for almost forty years. She learned about bobbin lace during her visit of Špania dolina (Špania Valley) in the district of Banská Bystrica. Lacemaking fascinated her so much that she took the theory further, enrolling in a course to learn this technique straightaway; all thanks to her active nature. She became most interested in Liptov bobbin lace which she started to look at, and study, more closely. This research culminated in her book Secrets of Liptov Lace, published in 2013. At the same time she took on sharing her experience during lacemaking teaching sessions throughout schools in Martin, where she lives, then in her local learning centre, as well as across nearby villages. In 2016, she was awarded the title of Master of Folk Art Production for keeping traditions alive, for developing the knowledge of Liptov lace, as well as for her highly professional skills in lacemaking.


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