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“I perceive my job as a mission.”

Zuzana Strešnáková

“I perceive my job as a mission.”Mgr. Dana Kľučárová, PhD, Director General of the Centre for Folk Art Production, shared with me, in an interview, her retrospective view of her almost five years with ÚĽUV. She appreciates an improvement in presenting ÚĽUV to the public, thanks to which the fanbase in social media and on the web site has increased. The same is true about visitors to events organised by Headquarters. As a brand name, ÚĽUV is again popular among producers – they are interested in further cooperation. ÚĽUV is increasingly making its name also thanks to specialised activities. It opened another Regional Centre in Košice and reinstated sales of products, covering expenses from its own resources. Director General introduces ÚĽUV’s immediate aims and plans: this year, ÚĽUV is applying for an inclusion of wire art into the exclusive national list of intangible cultural heritage.


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