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I fell for batik

Soňa Belokostolská

I fell for batikThis article is a candid account of the authoress, a sixty-year-old Soňa Belokostolská, a teacher by profession who is still active. It depicts her journey towards batik-decorated Easter eggs, describing her first encounter with this technique and the shift from an initial fascination to a long-last interest in making batik-decorated Easter eggs. It describes how she gradually gained her skills, studied the theory of batik and, finally, achieved true mastership. The authoress simultaneously talks about her meeting with a significant Easter egg decorator from Domaniža, Štefánia Dudáková, from who she learned the technique. She also mentions the history of batik-decorated Easter eggs, describing the entire process of making an Easter egg – from colouring, through applying beeswax, to final touches. She introduces various tools that she uses for batik-decorating. Moreover, she shares with us some terminology used for typical patterns and types of Easter eggs, as given in various dialects. Thanks to her story we get to know Soňa Belokostolská of Považská Bystrica, a holder of the title of Master of Folk Art Production.


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