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Hidden in museum collections

Libuša Jaďuďová

Hidden in museum collectionsThe collection of ÚĽUV’s Easter eggs in the Museum of Folk Art Production in Stupava represents a rich and varied resource, documenting Easter eggs production and decoration, displaying almost all techniques that have been used in Slovakia. The most fundamental decoration technique is plain colouring (including no ornaments whatsoever), then it is beeswaxing, batik, painting, acid etching, engraving or decorating by various materials with the help of glue. The category of so-called miscellaneous techniques comprises decoration by attaching metal elements onto the eggshell, by decorating with wire or by perforating. Each of these techniques has its own specific ornaments, unique charm and, undoubtedly, high artistic values. The main collection of the Museum of Folk Art Production comprises Easter eggs coming from the original collection of ÚĽUV’s models and designs. These were collected as an inspiration for further production, documenting the varied activities of masters of folk art production. Developed between 1957 and 2001, the aforementioned main collection now consists of 464 Easter eggs, all acquired by ÚĽUV from forty female producers and four male producers.


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