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Decorated with metal elements, yet fragile

Miroslav Homola

Decorated with metal elements, yet fragileThe author of this article and of Easter eggs decorated with metal elements, a Bratislava resident, Miroslav Homola, introduces this demanding technique of Easter eggs decoration. He talks about what first brought him to decorate Easter eggs with metal elements and what initiated a challenge to try his hand at this technique. Today, it is his hobby and he offers his works to customers within the chain of ÚĽUV’s shops. However, at the moment there is no one to walk in his footsteps. Furthermore, Miroslav Homola describes, in this article, the whole process, revealing its main challenges. He talks about materials he uses, and introduces names of patterns that he uses on the eggshells. He also mentions the history of this technique, beginning with its birth, and offers his own findings that he learned during his research into the past and the present of these exciting objects.


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