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Will Pozdišovce pottery production thrive further?

Stanislava Rovňáková, Jozef Hrabovský

Will Pozdišovce pottery production thrive further?It has been 600 years on 11th October since a charter was written, documenting the existence of pottery production on the demesne belonging to Pozdišovce. Another important milestone in the history of Pozdišovce pottery production was the foundation, in 1743, of their potters’ guild, uniting 41 masters. Little by little, the Pozdišovce products’ reputation grew and spread, having experienced, in the course of history, a number of social changes. After the Second World War, the local production was again fighting for its place on the market. Artist Júlia Horová who was, in 1947, sent to Pozdišovce by the Bratislava’s headquarters of the Centre for Folk Art Production (ÚĽUV) contributed to its significant transformation. After 1989, political and social changes caused the ceramics co-operative in Pozdišovce a drop in their production. Finally, in 2007, the co-operative closed altogether. However, there is today a growing interest, in this region, on the part of the public, activists, specialists as well as producers themselves, in bringing back the lost glory of the Pozdišovce ceramics.


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