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Visions and experiments from the Netherlands

Michala Lipková

Visions and experiments from the NetherlandsFor the past fifteen years, always in October, a Dutch week devoted to design, named Dutch Design Week, takes place annually in the Dutch city of Eindhoven (the population of which is 200,000). Being the greatest design event in Northern Europe, it is a platform for more than 2,500 exhibitors, attracting as many as 275,000 visitors. Numerous exhibiting areas are complemented by a busy programme, offering presentations, conferences, discussions and concerts. What is so special about the Dutch Design Week then? The answer is straightforward: What distinguishes it from other festivals is its visionary character. At its heart lies the future of design, its experimental forms and outreach to other disciplines, aiming especially at young talent. This article talks about the most appealing moments from this year’s Dutch Design Week.


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