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Master Alexander Sklenár in a creative mood again

Zuzana Strešnáková

Master Alexander Sklenár in a creative mood againOne of the latest awardees of the title of Master of Folk Art Production is a ceramics producer Alexander Sklenár from Siladice. He followed in the footsteps of his father Ján Sklenár, proving that if you like something, you cannot or do not want to give it up, even if that means encountering difficulties. Having overcome severe financial hardship and a malicious disease, his life has not been an easy one. However, today his love of clay and making ceramics that demonstrate a high degree of originality makes him happy again. You can find ceramics literally everywhere around the Sklenárs’ household. Vases, cups, plates as well as objects for the outdoor, scattered around their garden, make this place very charming, very atmospheric. Once you enter the Sklenárs’ workshop full of history, you experience all stages of Ján Sklenár’s creative work. It is true for Alexander Sklenár that man’s success is, in fact, the success of a bright and skillful wife. His spouse Janka is not only the speaker and manager of the family, but on top of that she is an artist who decorates, with great love and creativity, her husband’s clay products.


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