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Majolica Masters Today II.

Eva Ševčíková

Majolica Masters Today II.The story of majolica in Slovakia has been unfolding for over four centuries. This rather specific type of ceramics differs from other types in a higher quality of the vessel’s wall and glaze, its shine, its variety of colours and its rich decor. The oldest times in our lands are intertwined with the Habaners to whom we are grateful for not only the know-how of this technology, but for the beautiful shapes and motifs for decoration as well. Later on, this production was followed and further developed by local masters; little by little, their products found widespread use in the folk strata of the society. The vivid majolica traditions in Slovakia are still being nurtured by several pupils of the ceramics school that has been operating for several decades under the wings of a co-operative in Modra and later in Pezinok. In the nineties of the 20th century, a rather significant number of independent ceramics workshops were founded, ceramics being in demand then – not only locally, regionally and nationally, but internationally, too. This article further introduces leading contemporary ceramics producers who explain their work and talk about its pros and cons.


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