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Weaving as a family tradition

Sylvia Derňárová

Weaving as a family tradition“One of my first childhood memories is that of a large loom. It adorned my granny’s bedroom. She lived in a hamlet at the foot of the Javorina hill. Down the hill there was a village of Utekáč. I was fascinated by the loom even then. My grandmother, however, did not allow me to weave, allegedly claiming that I could ruin her work in progress, or – even worse! – ruin her loom,” reminisced Ľubomíra Žilková in relation to her first contact with weaving. Furthermore, she revealed the secrets of her family’s weaving tradition. “Based on my personal experience as a craftsman and author of an exhibition concerned with processing flax and making linen, I noticed an increased interest among the general public in the revival of linen and its use in contemporary society. It makes me happy that a great number of young families are interested in natural woven fabrics.”


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