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Reviving the Middle Ages

Sylvia Derňárová

Reviving the Middle AgesA historical fencing group Company (Kompánia) of Trnava mercenaries was found in the autumn of 2004 in Trnava. Through an interest in history, sewing period costumes for historical re-enactments, the group’s female members ended up producing woven textiles and trying their hands at growing flax. They use similar technologies as our ancestors did throughout the Middle Ages. They want to show the general public what hard work it was, in the past, to produce clothes, how much time, energy and invention it took. Thus, in addition to re-enactments of fencing, period camping and cuisine of this historical period, the group’s members started gradually to present, to the general public, the kind of crafts connected with textiles and clothing that flourished during the Middle Ages.


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