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Master Hedviga Kátlovská: Loving her bobbins

Mária Mizeráková

Master Hedviga Kátlovská: Loving her bobbinsWalking through the stalls on Craftsmen Days ÚĽUV where various producers present their arts and crafts, no visitor can miss lace-makers from Brezová pod Bradlom. Among them, Hedviga Kátlovská, a Master of Folk Art Production since 2015, demonstrates her craft. From households of lace-makers in Brezová pod Bradlom, an unmistakable clatter of bobbins can be heard almost every day. It welcomed us when we came to see Hedviga Kátlovská. Lying on a cylindrical cushion for bobbin lace-making – a so-called baba, there was a white “vláčková” lace in progress, typical for this region.


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